Need A Developer?

No need to stress. We have the team for you.

We Mold Into Any Team

Every agency is unique and has it’s own way of working through a project. We will gladly shape ourselves to your needs whenever possible. So whether you need developers to mesh into your already existing team or need to fully hand-off a project, we can guarantee you phenomenal stress-free results.

All Work Done By Bongos Programmers

Ease of mind is part of the package when you choose to work with Bongos. You’ll never need to worry about code quality because all of our code is written by our professionals in New York and Miami.

Communication Is Key

When working with you we’ll always want to make sure you’re comfortable with every aspect of our relationship so please, come to us with any and all questions or concerns you may have. Without clear channels of communication projects can often get muddled and over complicated very fast. To help counter that we are willing to stay in touch with you using your preferred messaging application.